Titillating Tuesday (NSFW) 7.22.2014


Bend over and take your medicine!




Sailor Moon?MGn9JlH

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Titillating Tuesday (NSFW) 7.15.2014


Beach fun!

outside5 outside3 OQE6541

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NEW RELEASE: $0.99 – Dallas Punishes His Sisters




When Dallas puts his foot down, telling the his sisters they aren’t allowed to go to the mall anymore, they defy him, thinking they’ll just turn on the charm and get away with it. But Dallas knows, if he lets them off the hook this time, they’ll just continue to get into bigger and bigger trouble. Someone has to take charge, so he decides to take matters into his own hands and punish his sisters himself.


“Next time, listen to me,” he snapped, pulling out into traffic, pulling away from the little bald man the girls were so afraid of. “You think not coming to the mall was a punishment?”

“Well… kinda…” Mandy peeked over the seat as Dallas drove toward home.

“You’re going to find out what punishment really is.”

They were quiet the rest of the way home. Dallas didn’t say anything either. He was too busy dreaming up his punishment. He wanted them to remember it, to think about it the next time they considered putting themselves at risk like that. Every time he thought about it, the way they’d ignored his warning, it made him even madder.

“In the house.” He cut the engine. “My room. Strip.”

The girls looked at him, then at each other. Then they took off, running up the porch steps and into the house. Dallas followed, pocketing his keys, his cock leaking pre-cum in his boxers. He thought they might run for it, lock themselves in the bathroom. He might have to break down a door. But he didn’t think so. They’d heard his instructions and he thought they would follow them, especially since they involved taking off their clothes. He’d never met two girls so into sex before in his life. If they thought he was going to fuck them, he knew they’d get undressed.

And he was right. They were both naked on his mattress on the floor, their clothes in a pile next to it. And they’d started without him. They were kissing, pink tongues flashing, legs scissored, shaved pussies almost touching. Mandy’s little breasts were pressed against her sister’s much larger ones, the two of them moaning softly as their hands endlessly roamed. Dallas shut and locked the door behind him—in case his stepmother decided to cut her mall trip short—watching.

“Come join us?” Gabby smirked.

Her ploy was clear—distract him. And why not let her think it was working? He peeled off his t-shirt, watching his sisters make out. He cock ached to be freed and he undid he jeans, shoving them down his hips, his boxers tented. Mandy’s eyes lit up when she saw how hard he was and he remembered how much she loved having him in her mouth.

Dallas went to his knees on the mattress, his hands moving over their soft skin, the rounded globes of their asses, the weight of their tits delightful. If Trevor knew he was fucking his sisters, what would he say? Dallas smiled, imagining telling his best friend that news. How shocked he’d be—how envious! And Dallas had them all to himself. They fucking worshipped him and his cock, although he hadn’t quite figured out why quite yet.

Maybe they were just that starved for attention.

“Dally’s got something I want to play with.” Mandy sat up and reached for his cock, eager as always.

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Titillating Tuesday (NSFW) 7.8.2014





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Titillating Tuesday (NSFW) 7.1.2014


ah so pretty!


Taking it off!




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Titillating Tuesday (NSFW) 6.24.2014


Wonder Woman!





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Titillating Tuesday (NSFW) 6.17.2014





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$0.99 NEW RELEASE: Dallas Seduces the Girls by Lucy Lick



by Lucy Luck





Poor Dallas is tired of chauffeuring the his stepsisters around and doing their bidding, but things heat up when Dallas discovers the girls are keeping more than one secret—and this new one is far more dangerous and revealing than the last. Finally, Dallas decides he’s had enough teasing and decides to act, but who is teaching whom a lesson in seduction?


“I was just thinking.” Dallas grabbed the remote off the coffee table, clicking, ‘On Demand.’ “Maybe we should watch this.”

He found the title she’d been talking about—Three Ways All Day.

“Wh…what?” Mandy stared as he clicked the “confirm” button to order it and the sound of porn filled the room. There weren’t even any credits, for God’s sake. It went straight into the scene, two girls kissing on the screen.

“Uhh, Dallas.” Gabby stared from him to the television. “What the fuck?”

“It was her idea,” he reminded her, jerking his head toward Mandy, who had put the brush back into her nail polish, her gaze on the screen. The two girls on the giant high-def TV had quickly gone from kissing to eating each other out. Fuck. Now that was what he was talking about.

Dallas rubbed his cock through his boxers, glancing over at Mandy. She was biting her lip, squirming a little on the couch.

“I bet your mom doesn’t know you do that.” He glanced over at Gabby, waiting for her reaction. The tall brunette turned her head, eyeing him.

“What if I told you she knows—and she doesn’t care?” Gabby met his eyes.

“Gabby!” Mandy gasped. Her gaze dropped to Dallas’s lap and she bit her lip again. “Shut up!”

“Goddamnit, Mandy.” Gabby sighed, shaking her head. “You’re going to get us in big trouble one of these days. Could you stop being so blonde?”

“Don’t be mean to her.” Dallas put an arm around her shoulder like he had in the dressing room. “Your mom doesn’t know that you get each other off, does she, Mandy?”

The pretty blonde shook her head.

“But she taught us everything we know about shoplifting.” Mandy slid in closer, seemingly fascinated with the hand he had cupped over his boxers. “That much is true.”

“Yeah.” Gabby watched, glancing between the screen and the scene unfolding before her on the couch between Dallas and her sister. “Can’t say she never taught us anything right?”

“How did you know?” Mandy’s hand trailed down over his bare chest.

“I heard you.” Dallas swallowed as her fingers danced over the elastic edge of his boxers. “I… saw you.”

“What?” Gabby blinked at him in surprised.

“Closet.” He grinned, glancing over at her as Mandy slipped her hand into his shorts. He held his breath when she wrapped her fist around him.

“Well why didn’t you come join us then?” his blond stepsister whispered in his ear, sending shivers down his spine. Oh fuck, her hand felt so good on his cock.

“Didn’t know if you meant it…” He gasped when she squeezed. “About what you said…”

“You mean about wanting your big…” Squeeze. “Fat…” Squeeze “Cock…?”

“Yeah,” he breathed, moaning when Gabby’s hand joined her sister’s.

“We meant it,” Gabby whispered in his other ear.

“Oh fuck.” Dallas gulped as they took down his boxers. He barely registered their words.

“I told you it was nice.”

“Nice? It’s fucking gorgeous.”

“Let’s taste.”

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Titillating Tuesday (NSFW) 6.10.2014







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Titillating Tuesday (NSFW) 6.3.2014


Let’s go for a swim!




Time to go for a Sybian ride!


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